I am approaching the end of second semester of school and I have not been paying attention to days at all! March 8th was International Women’s Day and March was also International Ideas Month.

Women that Inspired my Business

For this Blogspiration, I couldn’t really narrow it down to one woman or even a few in my industry or even the ones that give me inspiration to work on my business. I can basically binge watch YouTube videos in one day or scroll through my instagram and come across women that lifted my mood and inspire me to do better in my business. Below are a couple of women that inspired my business directly.

Shameless Maya

I tried to look back and see what video it was that got me inspired and which one got me to subscribe to her. The first one was her Tech Talk on how to record videos for YouTube because at the time (and still to this day ), I was interested in doing YouTube videos but wondered how to do it without spending money on equipment. Her Tech Talk videos helped with that tremendously. There are some other videos she has of her talking about her experiences and sometimes it makes you feel like, ‘Hey, I am not alone’.

Talk Tech

How to Find Your Passion and Not Get Stuck


Skill Crush is an online tech education company and was founded by Adda Birnir. I initially signed up for the bootcamp to refresh my memory in coding. It also had some good online seminars on tips and ways to be a freelancer. It kind of gave me the motivation to think that I can make freelancing into some sort of job.

March is Idea Month. What is my ‘idea’?

For my idea portion of this Blogspiration, I didn’t really have much of an idea of what to provide that is new but rather a rebranding. While being in Media Communications, I’ve learned more about how I want to form and present my brand. It has made me want to try out new things and revamp things after learning how to do certain tasks better. So in the next few months, you will see this brand transition from KyeWik Services to ReneeBritt Media. In the end I decided to somewhat use my name and focus on presenting me, Renee. This way I feel like I can be more of myself and not hold back. More about my rebranding will be coming in the next month.

Let me know in the comments who has inspired you and what new ideas you have for your goals!

’Til Next Time


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